Multi-Lingual Apps, Multi-Lingual Users? We got you covered!

Multi-Lingual Cloud App Validation

xLM Solution can validate app in any language, like a native speaker!

  1. An app with multiple languages can be validated with a single instance of xLM in most cases. Our scripts compare the data in UTF-8 Unicode encoding format.

  2. Multi-lingual apps come with cultural sensitivities. xLM can be configured for Validating cultural aspects and sensitivities like colors, text direction (this can be left to right, right to left or top to bottom), format of salutations and addresses, measures, and currency.

  3. Label Validation can be tricky because English labels are usually short and translated labels tend to expand. xLM can be configured to spot any issues related to label truncation, overlay on/under other controls, and incorrect word wrappings.

  4. Text Validation: xLM has an ability to compare automated translations from multiple sources before using them in the test model.

Multi-Lingual Validation Reports

  1. xLM can be configured to generate validation reports instantaneously in the real time. For each implementation, xLM builds a complete library of multi-lingual messages which are pre-approved. The goal is to generate accurate reports with authenticity of native speakers.

  2. Business expansion in new territories comes with responsibilities of regulatory compliance of applications. With xLM implementation, you are assured of being compliant from Asia to Americas.