Model Based Testing - A New Benchmark in Test Automation

We are starting this blog series to demonstrate solution approaches to overcome most common challenges in Test Automation especially in the Life Science industry.

Test Automation field is evolving with unprecedented pace to avoid pitfalls and overcome challanges of design complexity, selecting appropriate tools, agility and efficiency. Model Based Testing (MBT) could be a breakthrough for the industry as MBT tools now offer comprehensive solution for integrated test design and automation. At xLM, we have unearthed MBT solutions that overcome most challenges faced in traditional test automation.

Test Automation challenges. Source: World Quality Report 2015-16

Test Automation challenges. Source: World Quality Report 2015-16

Too Complex Design? You need a suitable testing process

Imagine a scenario replacing tons of code in Selenium, TestNG/JUnit and performance test suites? We do it all in a single comprehensive MBT suite which is easy to manage across the scope areas from Browser based Web Apps to Windows to Mobile.

Long Life Cycle? You need an agile framework

Traditional Test Automation approaches lack agility and efficiency and have longer testing cycles. By the time test design is complete and automation development is initiated, the design gets changed. How about getting design and automation instantaneously? The model you design to represent your SUT can be enabled to execute the tests.

Reliance on Manual Testing? You need intelligent automation

Common misconception about automated tests is that they follow exactly the same steps as instructed and only check for things that is being asked to check. MBT proves it wrong because it can use so many permutations and combinations for a test path that is humanly impossible to replicate. Those tests may not be necessarily same every time.  MBT can alter the flows during the testing.

Frequent changes? Difficult delivery methodology? You need suitable tools

Since Test Automation encompasses a vast landscape of operating systems, browsers, application frameworks and user machines, a comprehensive tool for automation is still a distant dream. However, our MBT solution approach has solved this puzzle.

We will write more details about it in our forthcoming blog articles.

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