What does xLM Validation Package include?

Initial Validation Package

The initial validation package includes:

  1. Validation Plan (optional)
  2. User Requirements Specification (URS) (provided by the client)
  3. Configuration Specification (CS) (optional)
  4. Risk Assessment (optional)
  5. Performance Qualification (PQ) Protocol and executions
  6. Traceability Matrix (TM)
  7. Summary Report

Patch Validation Package

The patch validation package includes:

  1. Regression Testing Protocol & Execution
  2. Summary Report

New Release Validation Package

The new release validation package includes:

  1. Compliance Analysis of the Release including Risk Assessment
  2. Updates to User Requirements, Config Specs and Test Scripts
  3. Regression & New Feature Testing Protocol & Execution
  4. Summary Report

Continuous Validation Package

The continuous validation package includes:

  1. Continuously Run Smoke & Regression Test Protocol & Execution
  2. Summary Report