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05.15.24 16 min read

#011: Can your SM do this?

We are on a mission to launch a series of Continuous Managed Services to help our customers with all their major areas of operations (from IT to Manufacturing). We have released ContinuousDM, ContinuousALM. This week we are proud to announce the release of ContinuousSM which is the focal point for this newsletter. ContinuousSM is powered by Atlassian platform.

In any life sciences company most processes have accompanying forms. Paper is the first choice followed by e-forms that wreak the smell of paper. I still can’t understand the fatal attraction to paper where efficiency is not even in its dictionary.

In my opinion, every process whether GxP or Non-GxP can be accompanied by intelligent forms that move via intelligent workflows while providing intelligent metrics executing within the guardrails of intelligent compliance.

In the new world of AI, anything is possible without any excuses. We would like our customers to forget how they operated. We would like to them get on a cruise where a service management app handles every single process and is aided by intelligent co-pilots. BTW such an app shall be continuously validated and takes 1 day to go from pushing the start button to going live. xLM is the only company that has the magic sauce that is on a mission to create a marketplace with high value apps.

Key Features

Everything teams need to deliver value fast

Whether you’re just getting started, or looking to switch to a more fast, flexible Service Management solution, ContinuousSM comes with the features you need to stay compliant with no paper.


Asset Management

Unlike legacy CMDBs, a flexible and open data structure allows teams to manage any asset. Efficiently track ownership and lifecycles, and reduce costs.

Assets helps you anticipate the impact of changes, so your teams can manage risk for more frequently with seamless deployment of changes.

When incidents do occur, Assets lets you quickly view the dependencies between configuration items or assets and services to resolve incidents and uncover the root cause of problems.

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Asset tracking

Track assets for inventory management, validation status, auditing, and more. Access asset details from tickets to make informed decisions and resolve issues quickly.

Asset discovery

Scan your network to discover and populate your asset repository or CMDB. Detect infrastructure changes, identify shadow IT assets, and improve support. Ensure change and configuration compliance

Asset reviews

Pinpoint ways to increase efficiency, reduce support costs, and maximize the value of your asset lifecycle.


Request Management

Prioritize and act on requests

Capture, track, and manage incoming business requests in one place. Quickly assign tasks to the right people.


Report on performance

Proactively spot and fix bottlenecks slowing down your team’s work, make better decisions around resource allocation, staffing, and investments, and keep tabs on the state of your programs.

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Create and optimize your queues

Organize requests from the help center, email, chat, and other channels into queues so you can quickly view, triage, and assign requests as they come in.


Workflows with approvals

Utilize a library of workflow templates, including a workflow with an approval stage for various teams. Workflows will take a different path for GxP Assets.

Design-workflows (1)

Address requests more efficiently

Utilize a pre-built form or create your own form to get more structured information from help seekers when they raise a request.


Alerts and on call schedules

ContinuousSM centralizes, filters, and enriches alerts across all your monitoring, logging, and tools to ensure your departments respond to issues quickly while avoiding alert fatigue.

Departments can automatically combine related alerts, and add attachments, notes, and links to maximize available information about incidents. And with customizable oncall schedules, routing rules, and escalation policies, teams can handle alerts differently based on their source and urgency.


Multi-channel support

ContinuousSM empowers customers to report incidents across multiple channels, providing a single source of truth for incident managers.

Using the service catalog or portal, customers have access to streamlined forms that route incidents directly to the teams that support them. And with Chat, customers can submit incidents and get status updates directly from Slack or Microsoft Teams.

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Multi-channel-support (1)


Problem Management

Create problem tickets during or immediately after incident resolution. Link incident post-mortem reports. View the team’s backlog to determine if it relates to a problem and avoid redundant workstreams. Document and share workarounds in to let others know you are aware of the problem. Built-in full support for Root Cause Investigation.

Change Management

Empower your operations teams with richer contextual information around changes so they can make better decisions and minimize risk.

Reference change requests for full context about a change, the teams involved, and related work. This one view pulls information from related tools/apps, lists affected services, shares the risk score, and names required approvers.

Automated change requests

If your company develops software, then you can with deployment tracking in ContinuousSM, teams can automatically create change requests when deployments are initiated to selected services, providing automated and accelerated approvals, along with seamless insight for incident responders.

And with the change calendar, teams have a full picture of past and future changes that could potentially be the cause of an incident.

Change-requests (1)

Risk assessment

Score the risk of a change using an automation powered risk assessment engine. Determine whether a change is low risk and can be auto-approved and deployed, or high-risk/GxP and requires further approvals. Assess dependencies and the potential impact of a change with Assets and the Service Registry.

Change plans

Create change plans in ContinuousDM so stakeholder groups like Change Advisory Boards can collaborate asynchronously on tasks including communication plans, risk assessments, and practice improvement.

Change calendar

The native change calendar allows you to easily create, edit or reschedule changes from the calendar or directly from the issue view. 


Configuration Management

Gain visibility into the infrastructure that supports your operations. Anticipate the downstream impact of changes, so your ops teams can manage risk and rapidly resolve incidents when they do occur.


Dependency mapping

View the dependencies between configuration items or assets and services to assess the risk of changes, resolve incidents, and uncover the root cause of problems.

Infrastructure discovery

Scan your IT network to discover and populate your CMDB. Detect infrastructure configuration, changes, and statuses to keep information accurate.


Automate updates to statuses, dependencies, and other attributes, create issues based on unauthorized changes, and add new assets directly from information entered into a Jira ticket.


Knowledge Management

Enable self-service, deflect more requests, and manage knowledge articles - all while fostering team collaboration.


Surface relevant articles where and when they’re needed so customers and employees can get help quickly.

AI Intelligence answers

Automatically surface relevant article excerpts in Slack with the AI-powered virtual agent to deflect frequently asked questions.

Promote continuous improvement

Document changes, incident runbooks, and playbooks so your team can continuously learn and improve.

Knowledge insights

Monitor knowledge usage to identify content gaps, optimize articles, and see which articles deflect the most requests.

Federated knowledge base

Return search results from service projects, request types, and knowledge base articles throughout your site.

ML-powered search

Give customers and employees curated search results with machine-learning algorithms that surface relevant knowledge articles.


Supercharge your service management with robust API

Take advantage of Service Management Connect and integrate with your favorite software tools. Build custom add-ons with REST API and open platform to supercharge your service desk.


ContinuousSM on-the-go

With the Service Management mobile app, submit, approve, and resolve issues quickly, from wherever you are.   

mobile3 (1)


ContinuousSM More Features


Resolve incidents faster

Collaborate on and resolve incidents faster than ever with one-click escalations to ContinuousITOM. For critical issues, use on-call scheduling, alerts, incident swarming and more to give the right people all the information they need to take action.

Track and approve changes

Break down barriers with various departments and speed up workflows by automating changes. Lighten the load with automated change risk assessments, advanced approval workflows, and integrations with various apps.

Fulfill service requests quickly

Based on ITIL best practices, ContinuousSM is designed to help you work more effectively across departments to fulfill service requests faster than ever. Agents are supported by features such as bulk actions and machine learning capabilities that intelligently group similar requests.

Simple self-service

Empower employees to find answers to common questions in an integrated knowledge base, so your team can focus on the hard problems.

Streamlined requests

Aggregate requests from emails, chats, and help centers on one platform, making it easy to track, triage, and assign work.

Actionable insights

Optimize your service experiences with request resolution reports and dashboards. Celebrate the wins and improve together as a team.

Dynamic forms

Leverage no-code/low-code form builder and provide dynamic forms that only surface the relevant fields to your employees. Draw on 325+ pre-built form templates to quickly collect and validate all the information you need about a request

Slack and Microsoft Teams support

Create a two-way sync between conversations in Slack or Microsoft Teams and your Service Management tickets. Reduce context switching and information gaps for employees and agents.



Audit Trail

The audit trail provides a detailed record of all actions and changes made within the tickets. This includes information on who accessed, modified, or deleted, as well as any changes to permissions or settings. The audit trail helps to track user and administrator activity, ensures compliance, and provides alerts of any unauthorized or suspicious actions. The centralized audit logs allow administrators to track who has accessed, created, modified, attempted, and deleted content within the system.





The E-Signature feature offers a comprehensive, secure, and compliant electronic signature solution that is tightly integrated within the platform.

Part 11 Compliant Electronic Signatures

The solution provides Part 11 compliant electronic signatures for tickets, including secondary user authentication, content change detection, and signature verification.

Signature Details Capture

It captures the name, title, meaning, date/time, and time zone of each electronic signature.

Streamlined Content Management

It provides a streamlined content management workflow to automatically restrict editing after signatures have been applied.

Status Search and Visibility

Content with open or finalized signatures is automatically labeled for easy search, and an optional macro can display the signature status directly on the page.



AI Features

AI-powered virtual agent

With a built-in AI engine that leverages powerful Natural Language Processing and generative AI, the virtual agent delights agents and help-seekers alike with fast, conversational support.

The AI Agent automates support interactions right from within Slack to free up agent time and deliver exceptional service at scale. Create custom intents or tap into the power of your existing knowledge base to instantly automate Tier 1 support workflows. For complex issues that need a human touch, route tickets to the right team with pre-gathered context.

summary-generated (1)


Get started with AI quickly to deliver value fast

Easily set up the virtual agent, regardless of technical know-how – no coding, data science, or costly consultants required. Take advantage of out-of-the-box knowledge base answers and pre-built templates to begin supporting your employees instantly.

jsm-itsm-automation-v2 (1)

Virtual Agent Features


Intent templates

Streamline intent creation using templates based on common issues and your historical ticket data.

AI answers

Respond to requests using generative AI, powered by your knowledge base and Atlassian Intelligence.

Automated web requests

Cut down on escalated tickets by automating common actions like software access or password resets.


Capture powerful insights about your virtual agent’s effectiveness and identify ways to optimize your intents and knowledge base.

Conversational interface

Deliver personalized, conversational support in a chat-like interface

Low/no code flow builder

Get started in just a few clicks with a user-friendly interface and out-of-the-box templates.


ContinuousSM - Delivered as a Managed Service

In every service we offer, the software app is continuously qualified. Also the customer's instance is continuously validated. In each run, 100% regression is performed.

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If you are looking at managing your processes efficiently while complying with GxP, then ContinuousSM delivers a rich feature set that can get you going out of the box. Since it is delivered as a Managed Service, you can be up and running the same day. You don't have to worry about any validation document or executing any test protocol. It is delivered as an app that is continously validated.

When you take into consideration the rich feature set that can operate within a browser, there is only one option for a robust SM: ContinuousSM.


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What questions do you have about artificial intelligence in Life sciences? No question is too big or too small. 



We are Continuously incorporating AI into our services.

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