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Introducing ContinuousRM - Risk Management

Nagesh Nama
Is Risk Management at “Risk”?

Are you using AI to Code better? Better yet, you can comply with GxP!

Nagesh Nama
This episode - Emphasizes the importance of adhering to GxP (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice) standards in software development. - Highlights common pitfalls in implementing coding standards to ensure compliance and best practices. - Introduces AI as a powerful tool to enhance compliance and efficiency in coding.

ContinuousSM - Service Management

Nagesh Nama
In this episode, Nagesh Nama and Chaitanya Vaidya discuss the key features of ContinuousSM (Service Management). They provide micro demos of various functionalities, including Audit Trail, Portal, Workflow Designer, Asset Management, Reports, Change Management, and Automation.

ContinuousDM - Document Management

Nagesh Nama
In this episode of ContinuousTV, the team introduces Continuous Document Management (Continuous DM), a new service powered by the Atlassian platform. They discuss the unique features of ContinuousDM, such as Part 11 compliance, inbuilt AI features, macros, marketplace apps, and the ability to bring in live data.

ContinuousALM - Application Life Cycle Management for GxP

Nagesh Nama
In this episode, Nagesh Nama interviews Eric Gavaldo, the CEO of xQUAL.

CAM - Code Action Model - An agent based script automation and validation in CDMS

Nagesh Nama
In this episode the implementation of CAM (Code Action Model) in Project MayaCode @ xLM Continuous Labs.