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A Better Way to Bring Your GxP Workloads to the Cloud

Continuous cloud-based application validation eliminates the burdens associated with maintaining GxP compliance for your cloud apps.

Requirements for Maintaining a Constantly Validated Cloud App

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Obtain adequate IT experts and resources for validation
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Execute the regression suite
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Efficiently validate each new release
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Ensure data integrity as cloud changes occur frequently

Roadblocks to Efficient, Cost-Effective Cloud App Validation

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IT departments rarely have the resources to manage apps, much less validate them
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The typical regression suite can take two weeks and requires several resources
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New releases are slow to market because each release requires initial and ongoing validation
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Constant cloud changes demand constant re-validation

Transform Your Cloud-Based Application Validation

Reduce Risks With Continuous Validation

xLM’s continuous validation framework reduces compliance and business risks by ensuring that your cloud-based applications meet and continue to meet GxP requirements, even after new patches, upgrades, and features are released.

Accelerate Speed to Go Live

Replacing manual processes with automated continuous validation can compress validation timelines by more than 75% and reduce the time it takes to run the entire regression suite to just a few hours.

Improve Validation With Fewer Resources

Compared with conventional paper-heavy validation, xLM’s continuous validation services can cut costs by 50% as well as reduce your team’s validation efforts by over 90%, freeing them up for more valuable tasks.

xLM’s End-to-End Validation and Compliance Solutions

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Platform Continuously validate changes to cloud applications in minutes via a unique automated platform purpose-built for GxP needs.
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Managed Services Transform validation with an end-to-end managed service that continuously validates IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and on-prem services.
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Consulting Services Leverage 25+ years of GxP expertise to guarantee your technology’s data integrity and ensure it meets GxP compliance.
Talk to our team of experts today about the validation services that are right for you.
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Maintain GxP Compliance for Your Cloud Apps Efficiently and Cost Effectively