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Maintain AWS and Azure Services in a
Continuously Qualified State

Continuous qualification ensures your IaaS/PaaS services meet GxP compliance.

Requirements for Ensuring Qualified State Integrity for Cloud Infrastructure

Grupo 1341-2
Obtain adequate IT experts and resources for continuous qualification
Grupo 1341-2
Efficiently qualify each IaaS/PaaS service
Grupo 1341-2
Provide documented evidence that IaaS/PaaS services continue to meet GxP regulations

Roadblocks to Effective Cloud Platform Qualification

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IT departments rarely have the resources to continuously qualify AWS or Azure according to GxP requirements
Grupo 1341-2
The velocity of cloud changes makes examining each one nearly impossible
Grupo 1341-2
Each service requires a Service Design Specification, Service Qualification Protocol, and SOPs/WIs to manage operations

Meet GxP Requirements With Continuous Qualification

Reduce Resources Necessary for Qualification 

xLM’s continuous qualification model performs initial qualification of the cloud platform and infrastructure and can continuously qualify at regular intervals with no human intervention required.

Efficiently Monitor Qualified State Drift and Performance

Once infrastructure is deployed, xLM ensures that the Qualified State (QS) does not drift, even if changes are made, and monitors performance parameters to ensure GxP compliance so you stay audit ready.

Provide Documented Evidence of GxP Compliance

A continuous qualification framework built for each service provides documented evidence that your cloud platform continues to work as designed, irrespective of changes pushed by the cloud vendor.

xLM’s End-to-End Validation and Compliance Solutions

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Platform Continuously validate changes to cloud applications in minutes via a unique automated platform purpose-built for GxP needs.
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Managed Services Transform validation with an end-to-end managed service that continuously validates IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and on-prem services.
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Consulting Services Leverage 25+ years of GxP expertise to guarantee your technology’s data integrity and ensure it meets GxP compliance.
Talk to our team of experts today about the validation services that are right for you.
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Efficiently and Cost Effectively Maintain Qualification for AWS and Azure Services