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xLM Continuous Validation Demos

xLM for CV Presentation

Welcome to xLM's presentation. This presentation is designed specifically to showcase our continuous validation capabilities.

Managed Services

This short presentation gives you an overview of how xLM's Managed Services work. It also includes our Tech Stack.

xLM Platform : Feature File

This video showcases how our Feature Files work. This is the foundation of our Continuous Validation framework.

xLM Platform : Pipeline Demo

This is a short 3 minute video that showcases xLM's Continuous Validation Platform in action. In this demo you can watch how our pipeline runs and executes automated test cases.

xLM Platform : GxP Reports

This is a short video that show cases a typical output from a validation run. Whenever a Continuous Validation pipeline is run, the output is a secure PDF that is a total package with all the environment details, test results, screenshots, log files, etc.. The final output is a nice package that is autogenerated with bookmarks, cover page and signature pages.

xLM Platform : Client Portal

This is a short video to walk you through our client portal. Every single subscription gets a dedicated portal where all the artifacts are organized and presented to the client.

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