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Transform Validation
Throughout the Application Lifecycle

Cloud apps are constantly changing. Make sure your cloud apps are in a “validated” state with a continuous GxP application lifecycle management service.

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Lower Costs Save over 50% compared to manual validation.
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Accelerate Timelines Compress validation timelines by 75%.
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Reduce Risk Lower compliance risk with frequent regression testing.

Ensure Past, Present, and Future Validation

To maintain your app efficiently and cost-effectively in a validated state, our Model-Based Test Automation framework continuously runs validation test scripts to mitigate risks created by changes to the IaaS/PaaS layer or underlying IT infrastructure.

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Requirements Definition Specifying functional, nonfunctional, regulatory, performance, security, logging, disaster recovery, and interface requirements forms the foundation of our framework.
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Risk Assessment

Our risk assessment determines the extent of negative testing, what features to test, and what testing strategies to use.

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Traceability Matrix To ensure complete coverage, we establish traceability between requirements, specifications, and testing.
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Flexible Framework The model-based test automation framework allows us to repurpose the same model to conduct several different tests.
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Test Model Validation Our test automaton model is validated to ensure it meets specified objectives and generates the right execution reports.
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Real-Time Validation Reporting Intuitive dashboards, test deviation reports, and KPIs replace paper and manual processes to create on-demand transparency into your app’s validation health.

The Proof Is in Our Customers’ Results

Find out how xLM’s continuous validation and GxP compliance solutions have transformed the validation process for life sciences companies.
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Comprehensive Support From Research to Commercial Manufacturing

Maintain compliance and reduce risk while saving time and money with xLM’s innovative end-to-end solutions.

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Platform Continuously validate changes to cloud applications in minutes via a unique automated platform purpose-built for GxP needs.
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Consulting Services Leverage 25+ years of GxP expertise to guarantee your technology’s data integrity and ensure it meets GxP compliance.

Ready to Transform Validation for Your IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and On-Prem Solutions?