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Introducing ContinuousRM - Risk Management

Nagesh Nama

May 28, 2024 10:30:00 AM


Is Risk Management at “Risk”?

Risk Management has become a very “risky” business. It is more of a hype than a serious endevor that is leveraged to make a process more robust. Typically more hours have been spent talking and writing about risks than doing something meaningful with it. In my opinion, more often than not risk assessments are just a paper exercise that is done to place a “checkmark” in order to keep QA happy.

The question is why is the state of risk management at the brink of absolute failure? Risk Management is not thoroughly understood and very rarely it is incorporated into the life cycle to make the design robust and validation testing more thorough. More importantly there are not good tools that enable teams to create and manage risks at ease while providing the dashboards and KPIs at their fingertips.

Introducing ContinuousRM, a comprehensive process that entails ongoing identification, assessment, and mitigation of risks. ContinuousRM lets organizations proactively identify and manage risks.

Key Features: ContinuousRM
ContinuousRM can effectively manage risks by leveraging the following features:
1. Manage risk in customizable risk table view.
2. Manage risk in any project.
3. Custom risk models (Matrices and RPN Scores).
4. Identify, mitigate, verify and trace risks.

For more details about ContinuousRM:

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