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02.21.24 2 min read

SaaS Rise - The Premier SaaS CEO Community

What is SaaS Rise? and How can it help SaaS CEOs?

SaasRise is a premier community for SaaS CEOs and founders with annual recurring revenue (ARR) between $1M and $100M. Created by a successful SaaS CEO Ryan Allis with a nine-figure exit, SaasRise offers a platform for growth, scaling resources, and a mastermind group focused on unique challenges and opportunities in the SaaS industry. It's a place for detailed discussions on business models, unit economics, and product-led growth, aiming to support high-growth SaaS leaders through the entire scaling process. 

Ryan Allis, the successful SaaS CEO behind SaaS Rise

Ryan Allis, the visionary behind SaasRise, is a distinguished entrepreneur whose journey from founding a groundbreaking SaaS company (iContact) to achieving a nine-figure exit exemplifies his exceptional insight and leadership within the technology sector.

With a deep understanding of the SaaS landscape and a passion for fostering community among CEOs and founders, Ryan's commitment to driving growth and innovation has established him as a pivotal figure in the industry. His expertise not only guides SaasRise but also inspires a new generation of entrepreneurs to pursue excellence and transform their visions into reality.

An Unscripted Interview

Our CEO Nagesh Nama who is a SaaS Rise member, recently had a fireside chat with Ryan Allis.  

Ryan Allis, the founder of iContact, shares his entrepreneurial journey and the lessons he learned along the way. He discusses the importance of work-life balance and how he transitioned from building iContact to coaching SaaS CEOs. Ryan also highlights the impact of iContact on his career and the influence of educaton, partcularly Harvard Business School.

He emphasizes the value of corporate social responsibility and the role it played in iContact's success. Ryan concludes by introducing SaaS Rise, a community for SaaS CEOs, and the benefits it offers to its members. In this conversation, Ryan Allis discusses the importance of cutting through the noise and providing guidance to entrepreneurs. He also highlights the power of peer learning and the value of a community that supports and helps each other. Ryan emphasizes the need to build a team that can operate without the founder and shares tips for scaling a business. 

Interview Video Shorts

Full Length Interview (45 mins)

Interview Summary


SaaS Rise - The Premier SaaS CEO Community

SaaS Rise is building the world's best resource and community for growth-focused SaaS CEOs

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