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03.02.24 2 min read

Staying ahead in life sciences means constant innovation & compliance.


Staying ahead in the life sciences sector means constant innovation and absolute compliance. But here lies the challenge—how do you manage both effectively in the world of software validation? 

Enter Managed Validation Services—your key to unlocking efficiency, accelerating innovation, and ensuring compliance amidst the rapidly evolving landscape. 

Success Factors

1️⃣ Time Efficiency: Leveraging these advanced services can reduce manual validation timelines by up to 50%, swiftly moving your systems into production and keeping you competitive.

2️⃣ Cost Reduction: Experience a potential 75% savings on validation costs compared to traditional manual processes, freeing up resources for other vital areas.

3️⃣ Resource Optimization: Reduce in-house validation efforts to about 5%, empowering your team to focus on core activities that drive tangible business outcomes.

4️⃣ Enhanced Innovation: The integration of computer vision and Large Action Model (LAM) technologies, powered by Large Language Models (LLMs), allows for rapid adoption of cloud applications, significantly boosting efficiency and streamlining work operations while ensuring software assurance of cloud apps.

5️⃣ Expert Support: Access seasoned consultants who provide not only validation expertise but continuous knowledge transfer and training to enhance both efficiency and compliance awareness.

6️⃣ Flexibility and Independence: Managed services eliminate capacity bottlenecks, allowing you to focus on your core business without the complexities of coordinating multiple consultants.

7️⃣ Compliance and Security: In a GxP-regulated era, our managed validation services assure your systems are both compliant and secure, ensuring that your operations meet the highest standards of regulatory compliance.


AI & Managed Services

The integration of cutting-edge technologies such as computer vision and LAM into our services marks a significant leap forward—our software testing technology, for instance, can accelerate the validation process from months to weeks.

In essence, subscribing to managed validation services equipped with the latest technological advancements is not just a cost-effective solution—it's a strategic asset to propel innovation, ensure compliance, and optimize resources.

Embrace the future with confidence by choosing a managed validation services provider as your partner in compliance and operational excellence.

Start your journey towards a more efficient, innovative, and compliant future today!

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